Foggy | moisturized | Cracked Thermal Unit Replacement

As any homeowner knows, nothing can be more frustrating than having a cracked or completely broken window glass pane. Whether caused by broken seals or natural causes, broken windows can only get worse without treatment.

If you have noticed a foggy appearance to your windows glass panes or condensation building up between the window glass panes, your windows are probably suffering from broken seals.

By replacing the thermal unit glass you can improve insulation, enjoy easy temperature control and improve the look of your home.

Our selection of IGUs and Low-E windows will reduce your utility bills, Give us a call for free quotations.

We can offer you a glass replacement at an affordable rate, ensuring that the new window won’t break your budget.

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Benefits of Argon Gas in Windows

Almost all thermal windows today use some type of gas fill, so the benefits of argon are similar for most new thermal windows.

  • Improves U-value, the measure of a window’s thermal performance; similar to the R-value of wall insulation
  • Enhances soundproofing characteristics
  • Minimizes heat exchange through the window
  • Reduces the possibility of condensation and frost
  • Can be used in all climates
  • Can be combined with low-E coatings for optimal window performance
  • Available in residential and commercial window sizes and styles
  • Does not corrode window material as oxygen will
  • Does not contaminate the environment; non-toxic gas
  • Does not add significantly to window cost—adds $30 to $40 per window—but helps achieve significant long-term energy cost savings

What is the purpose of low E glass?

LowE, or lowemissivityglass was created to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home. LowE glass windows have a microscopically thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat.

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